Malvern Aikido Timeline

Malvern Aikido Timeline
July 31

Malvern Aikido Founded

Malvern Aikido Club started in the winter of this year under Sensei Ian Hollman with just 5 members. The club operated under the auspices of the BKAA (British Ki-Aikido Association). It was based in the school gym at Holywell School. The gym had single-glazed windows and no heat so it..Read More
January 1

Moved to the Wyche Institute

The club moved to the Wyche Institute which boasted heating and this led to a big increase in membership.
January 1

Club Continues to Grow

Paul Adkins joined the club followed shortly afterwards by Matt Pilott, Steve Roe and Mark Gibson.  
January 1

Sensei Ian Holman becomes 5th Dan

Sensei Ian Hollman is promoted to 5th Dan BKAA.
January 1

Martial Arts Institute of Malvern is Formed

Paul Adkins and Matt Pilott achieved 1st Dan BKAA. Shortly after this the Chief Instructor of the BKAA, David Currie emigrated to America. Malvern Aikido Club joined Malvern Escrima forming the Martial Arts Institute of Malvern (MAIM).
January 1

Sensei Ian Holman Departs

Sensei Ian Hollman moved to Salisbury with his job leaving a vacancy for someone to run the club. Paul and Matt were keen to keep the club alive so continued to run it along with the only female Yudansha – Jenny Spicer.
January 1

The Club Relocates to Malvern St James School

Paul, Matt and Jenny decided to move from the Wyche Institute to Malvern St. James School who’s new sports hall had opened in October 2008. After trying out a dance studio and a badminton court the Edinburgh Dome became Malvern Aikido’s new home.
January 1

The Club Joins the British Aikido Federation

In 2013 it was decided to part company with the BKAA and become affiliated with the BAF (British Aikido Federation). The BAF grading committee agreed to award Matt and Paul 1st Kyu this same year. In that year Jenny had decided to leave the club. In December 2013, Matt Pilott..Read More
January 1

Steve Roe Achieves 1st Kyu

In 2014 Steve Roe was awarded his 1st Kyu and also passed his Coach Level 1 course.
January 1

Matt Pilott Takes a Pause

In 2015 Matt Pilott took a break from Aikido due to personal and work commitments