The following external links provided are to other websites and these will open in a new window. The content of these sites is not the responsibility of Malvern Aikido, but we hope you find them of use:

Governing bodies

Aikikai Foundation Parent organisation for the development and expansion of Aikido worldwide and Hombu Dojo
Joint Aikikai Council Umbrella organisation that represents in the UK the five groups that are recognised by the Hombu Dojo
British Aikido Federation (BAF). Malvern Aikido is a member of the BAF


General information on Aikido

Aikiweb Repository and dissemination point for aikido information
Aikido Journal Blog and resource site
Aikido Hombu Resource site
How to pronounce Japanese aikido terms and phrases: audio files from Aikiweb


Aikido Clothing, equipment and other supplies

Nine Circles Club members receive a discount on the prices published on the website. Orders must be made through Sensei Adkins.



There are many good books on aikido, and there are a few that are not good. Some recommended books to borrow from your local library or for purchase:
Atkinson, Rupert (2005), Discovering Aikido: Principles for Practical Learning  ISBN 978-1861267401
Dobson, Terry (1992), It’s a Lot Like Dancing: Aikido Journey  ISBN 978-1883319021
Saotome, Mitsugi (1989), The Principles of Aikido ISBN 978-0877734093
Saito, Morihiro (1974), Traditional Aikido: Sword Stick Body Arts (Vol.1 Basic Techniques)  ISBN 978-0870402661
Ueshiba, Morihei (1992), Budo: Teachings of the Founder of Aikido ISBN 978-1568364872
Ueshiba, Moriteru (2002), Best Aikido: The Fundamentals ISBN 978-4770027621
Ueshiba, Moriteru (2003), The Aikido Master Course  ISBN 978-477002764
Westbrook, Adele & Ratti, Oscar (2001), Aikido and the Dynamic Sphere: An Illustrated Introduction  ISBN 978-0804832847