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Arigato, Nick Belshaw!

Yesterday we welcomed Nick Belshaw (3rd Dan, Aikikai Foundation, Tokyo) of Oxford Aikikai. Nick came to check to visit the Club and experience the Dome. Nick also shared his experience by teaching a neat set of body-movement techniques – Gyaku katadori Ikkyo, Ushiro ryote-dori ryote-mochi Ikkyo and Nikkyo. Arigato, Nick!

Classes towards 2015

Sensei Hagan will be taking the class this Thursday, starting 20:00 and there will be a last class that I will take on Monday 22nd December, usual time of 19:15. Further to the recent poll of club members, we’re currently attempting to organise an additional class on Thursdays in the first three months of 2015. […]

There’s lots to learn…

We’ve been having an interesting set of classes recently with Andy King. Concentrating on moving our centre – hara – rather than our arms, starting with exercises such as Torifune and moving onto many others. We’ve also been doing interesting sets of training exercises to improve our timing, ma-ai and zanshin. We’ve been trying to […]

A welcome visitor, and Guest Instructors!

We were delighted to welcome Andrew King (4th Dan, Aikikai Foundation, Tokyo) onto our tatami at Monday’s class. Andrew’s comments, suggestions and guidance were well received. Andrew will be leading the class on Monday (22nd) next week. Sensei Allan Hagan will return to Malvern on Thursday 25th – so we have two experienced and senior […]

Guest Instructor: Allan Hagan

Following a successful set of Thursday training sessions, the Club said a temporary farewell to Sensei Hagan on Thursday 26th June. Temporary – because Sensei will be returning after summer training and Summer School. We’ll be running the ‘last Thursday’ training classes between September and December 2014. You’ll find the remaining Thursday dates on our […]