Beginner’s Course



6 week Beginner’s Class

Does not require strength    Excellent self-defence    Builds confidence    Dynamic    Gentle

Beginner's Art


“an inspiring class”     “fascinated and impressed”

“very kind following up the class with additional information” 


…just a few comments from our Beginner’s Classes

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Next Beginner’s Course starts Saturday 1st July

for 6 weeks (ending 5th August)


A structured introduction to the Way of Harmony, a modern

martial art based on self-protection and self-development.


Beginners Course sessions are limited to four participants, and two male teachers. Activities will involve gripping and being held at the wrist or shoulders. Teaching methods will be mainly practical activities supported by additional reading and viewing outside of the course times. The course will be delivered on soft floor mats – no hard floors!


Find out more about Aikido and start to learn how to:

  • control breathing, release tension and help relaxation
  • protect yourself through awareness, safe-falling and self-defence skills
  • increase your concentration, confidence and self-esteem
  • improve your poise and balance
  • clear your mind of stresses
  • improve fitness, strength, stamina and flexibility


Basic requirements:

  • Age 16 and over
  • Requires a basic level of fitness

£30 for 6 one hour classes

For further information:

call Paul on: 07977 770032 or


or learn more about Aikido


You can also Read the advert for the Beginner’s class