Suburi are practice (or “naked”) swings, strikes, thrusts and cuts. They are performed as solo exercises. Suburi were described in detail by Sensei Morihiro Saito in his 1974 book Traditional Aikido: Sword Stick Body Arts (Vol.1 Basic Techniques) Here is footage of Sensei Saito demonstrating and explaining suburi.

Bokken Suburi

The seven suburi: “Several suburi done with full ki extension are much better than thousands done lightly” – Sensei Saito

Jo Suburi

We practised some Jo suburi in December 2012: here’s a link to the post. Here’s the names (together with start timings) of the Jo suburi we practiced with Sensei Mealings on 1st July 2013:

Thrusting, or Tsuki group

  1. Choku Tsuki (0.41)
  2. Kaeshi Tsuki (0.48)
  3. Ushiro Tsuki (0.57)
  4. Tsuki Gedan Gaeshi (1.04) NB: Sensei Mealings’ form was slightly different to Sensei Saito