What is aikido?

Please look at the What is Aikido? page and also take a look at our Links page.

What happens in a typical class?

Typically we will lay out our floor mats to prepare for the class. After getting changed we welcome each other onto the mat and then do some warm up exercises, movements and stretches. These are generally done solo although some are performed in pairs. After that we work through a selection of aikido techniques, which normally means working with a partner to learn together. There’s a break sometime during the class and we conclude with warming-down exercises before packing the mats away. Other elements of practice might include techniques against weapons, against multiple attackers and suburi.

What should I wear?

Initially you should wear loose, comfortable clothing; stretchable fabrics, jogging trousers/leggings and a t-shirt would be ideal. Your clothing should not have buttons or zips as they might be uncomfortable. Please leave jewellery at home or remove them as these might cause injury. We train barefoot however if you wish to wear socks they should be black or white, and with grip so you do not slip.

Once you’ve trained for a while you’ll need an aikido suit (gi).

Will I have to learn Japanese?

Just as with any hobby, pastime or sport, there are terms (see Glossary) to describe techniques, procedures and etiquette. Japanese is the language of aikido worldwide, so the terms we use are Japanese. We also follow traditional Japanese etiquette. Don’t worry: follow everyone else and you’ll soon pick it up!

Will I be insured?

In order to be insured for practise, you need either to be:
• A temporary member of British Aikido Federation, or
• A full member of British Aikido Federation (either a Junior, Senior,  Senior Citizen or Concessionary Member).You will also need to be permanently resident in the UK, and have provided us with your contact information on the Membership Forms prior to joining the class. If you are not permanently resident in the UK you will need to show us evidence of insurance cover that specifically covers sport/martial arts. If you need clarification, please Contact Us. If you are invited to join Malvern Aikido by the Club Instructors, you will gain insurance through your membership of the British Aikido Federation (BAF).

How much will it cost?

There are three main costs in aikido: Class fees, Membership/Insurance fees and equipment costs. You will not have to pay any class fees for your first class. However you must to be insured before you start a lesson. This means either a temporary British Aikido Federation membership and insurance (£5, to a maximum of three ‘taster’ classes) or full year British Aikido Federation membership & insurance (£35 per year, with concessions £25. NOTE If you take out a temporary membership, then any full year membership fee would be discounted by the £5 you’ve already paid).

After your first lesson you’d have the following costs to pay:
• Class fee: see our What’s On page page

If you decide to continue training then there could be the following costs:
• An aikido suit (aikidogi) £20-£40 (depending on quality)
• Grading fees of £12 (optional: there is no requirement to grade and those who do might grade once per year.)
• Equipment cost of c£25 (optional: the club provides wooden training weapons although most regular students purchase their own so that they can practice solo exercises such as suburi out side of classes.)

Do you offer demonstrations or one-to-one training?

Please get in contact via our Contact Us page.

How do I get in contact with Malvern Aikido?

Please get in contact via our Contact Us page.